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Wonders reading can do

How many of you actually read? Very few of us, right? Be it a magazine, newspaper or a book reading habits have come down....

Magic of Music

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Uses of Tulsi(holy basil) you must know

It is known as Tulsi in Sanskrit and holy basil in English. The tulsi is normally found very often in Indian households and considered...



5 Creative nail paint ideas

1. Gradient colors: Photoshop isn’t the only way to add gradients, now you can do them even on your nails. Apply darkest color of coat...
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Cure with flowers- Nature’s medicines

Sunflower Sunflower has medicinal properties that were not known to many. The brew made from sunflowers ease pain during menstrual periods and also fights ulcers....

Wonders reading can do

Why women wear Sindoor?


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