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Imagine getting your money back if you fail to graduate. Its not a dream it’s a reality now! The University of the West of...

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9 lesser known places in India that must be visited in...

We who live in India have no clue what we have got. Visiting the same places again is not the cup of tea for...

10 best hairstyles for work

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Magic of Music

Aren't majority of the people are music lovers? I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t listen to music. But have you ever thought of...
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Cure with flowers- Nature’s medicines

Sunflower Sunflower has medicinal properties that were not known to many. The brew made from sunflowers ease pain during menstrual periods and also fights ulcers....

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Why women wear Sindoor?


see url. Met an independent/new producer on linkedin, he told me that my script requires a lot of budget that only big producers can look into my script, that hes just new and cant afford the production of my script for now.