10 best hairstyles for work


The cross bun

Tuning your hair into a bun with a sleek move is one of the trendy hairstyles in town. A neat bun could be the best for official meetings and a messy one for an official trip or party. If your bun looks to plain why not team it up with some formal pins matching your suit.


The ponytail

Many women think ponytails are childish hairstyle, well no! If you are on the run to office, the best way to get out is a thin and neat pony tail. Do not tie it way to up or  way to low somewhere in between them. You can even hide the band with strand of hair and clip it up.


go to site Braids

Why don’t women wear braids now? Isn’t it fashionable, of course it is! Those French braids or even the normal braids look formal and you turn them trendy with a messy or fish braids. Don’t forget to pin up your bangs through them so they stay in place all day.


watch Half-up pony

Pulling your hair back from the front and leaving some at the back can give you real women look. Lots of women dress that way teaming it up with a matching neck piece to the office.


French roll

This is one big hairstyle every woman wears to work and still look fashionable yet formal. French rolls are easy and doesn’t take much time once learnt.


 A little Hair bow

Working in a less formal place? I think you should look a bit more chic! Little hair bow hairstyle is simple and hardly takes any time to put on that small knot.


dissertation in marketing plan Side hunches

Now tired of the usual ways of tying your hair? Now this one’s a good one for you. Pull your hair asymmetrically to the side into a small bun and fix it up with small bobby pins.


Country single strand knot

This is something that looks really cute. You just need to pull out two strands of your hair from the ear area and bring to the back and plait it and secure with bobby pin.


Buff it up!

Well it need not be done at big height can be something small enough to be puffed up a little to highlight hair. The rest can be left undone or turned into bun, braid or a pony.


Tuck in bow

Well have any idea those head bands can do to your hair. Tuck in one nicely and roll your hair over! There’s the magic.

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