10 reasons why arranged marriages are better than love marriages

  1. Believing in love marriages is like believing in love at first sight. Sometimes you just feel that yes this is the right man/girl. Arranged marriage doesn’t mean love doesn’t exist its build up slowly on the foundation of trust. Whereas in love marriages the trust has to be build up first.
  2. Initially the first few years of arranged marriages are filled with curiosities, knowing and understanding each other which require quality time together and gradually builds up strong mutal understanding.
  3. Arranged marriages involves lesser amount of tension and doubts on the person as things have been checked upon by parents beforehand and has assurance.
  4. Emotional support is something very important. Anywhere anyone would be there to help you out in case you have a problem has it is their responsibility to help you out, but if you marry on your grounds there aren’t many responsibilities to others other than just you.
  5. Arranged marriages doesn’t necessarily mean no dating opportunities. Once you’re engaged you can date and have chats and talks to glory and none would say a word against. It’s basically guaranteed trust.
  6. Since the partner is new into your life, you will always have thoughts about the partner on what he or she would like and would cater more to their respective needs.
  7. By marrying someone in an arranged marriage make families happy and shower blessing with contentment, but when you find someone on your own they may have doubts in trust.
  8. Arranged marriages do not have preconceived views on how life would be and hence both the partners and ready to adjust but in love marriage you plan a lot ahead of life and when they don’t go accordingly you are disappointed.
  9. Getting into relationships at your teens or early twenties is immaturity. We all need to wait for the right person to come across. By the time your parents decide to get you married they know your matured enough to handle a family.
  10. As they say marriages are made in heaven, something’s have been written down even before you’re born. So anyway you will get what you deserve. Just trust a little.



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