10 ways to a better 2016

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Whatever comes your way face it positively. Life does give you hard times only to make you stronger for the life ahead. See situations and problems in a positive way and how you can overcome them easily. Use more of ‘I can’, ‘I will’ than ‘I might’ or ‘I’ll try’.


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Many of those who were there with you in the previous year may not be with you this year. For those who left either forget or forgive. Holding on to the past isn’t going to help in anyway. Have the heart to forgive. Meet new people, make new relationships.


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Nobody is going to waste their time motivating you. Stand up for yourself and fight for what you want and what you lost. Train your mind to work with you and you will see wonders happening.


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Why are you postponing vacations? Holidays? Get together parties? Always live like there’s no tomorrow. You feel like partying, party. Feel like going on a vacation, go. Feel like meeting a friend, go. Nothing is stopping you from doing what you want. Enjoy this year.

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You never know how long you would be fit enough to do things you wished to do. Nobody predicts future and how much time you have. Fought with somebody? Say sorry, later it may not be possible. Love somebody? Say before it’s too late. Hate somebody? Forgive. Nobody knows about tomorrow.


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Learn to help others. If you have, give those who don’t. Visit orphanages, old age homes help them, be around them. Do what you can for them. Learn to share.


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Maybe, all a sad person wants is somebody to smile at him. If that small curve called smile could do so much, why not? Make me people around you happy; create positive and happy vibes around you. Keep smiling and make others smile.


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Do not break away from relations until it’s too bad. Try mending them. Spend time with your parents, show them you are happy. Have holidays with family. Be there for you children. Eat together at least once a day and share your day’s experiences and fun.


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It’s never too late to learn anything. Every day is a new lesson and new start. Share things you learnt so that others also get new information. Talk to people, see what you can learn from others, what you can inculcate in your life. Want to learn painting, learn. Want to learn singing, learn. There’s no right time like now.


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You often forget things you wished to do. Bucket lists are often for a lifetime, but for now shorten it to the coming year. Write down every possible thing you want to experience this year and make sure you do them.


Wishing you all a very blessed New Year, make the most of it. Keep smiling.