10 ways to a more relaxed mind


watch 1. Meditate

For a start 5-10 minutes are more than enough. Simply relax your mind and think about absolutely nothing. It might not be possible at the start but you will improve as you practice regularly. Meditation helps body and mind to calm down.

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2. Do not over think

Why worry about things that are over or cannot be sorted out. If a solution can be found then why worry about it. Always mind your own business, do not let your peace of mind hamper around with someone else’s problems, you have enough for yourself!


enter site 3. List out

Try listing out things that you love about yourself, rather than going for a change. You may find a lot of things you love about yourself when you list them down. Then why go for a change? Be who you are and the real people will befriend you.


4. Forgive

Forgive people who have caused you pain. Keeping the bitterness inside won’t do you any good. Forgiving doesn’t mean you were wrong, you are just letting go of things that does not matter to you anymore.

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5. Forget

Forget things that happened, they were meant to happen so it did, there’s nothing you can do to change them. Write them down on piece of paper and burn it down, knowing you are letting go of it.


6. Get up dance!

Why not? Put on your favorite music and move with the beat. Dance like no one’s watching. Trust me it is the best feeling ever and you will feel so much relaxed. You may have a little starting trouble but once you move and there you go!


http://www.madelux.fr/?master-thesis-animation 7. Call up friend

Meet up for a coffee or lunch with a friend, share stuff and plan a stay over. Friends always make you feel better. A light chat, a little laughter would do wonders to your mental state.


8. Charity

Help someone in distress, whether it is emotionally or financially. You can always offer help to others and make sure you do it without expecting anything in return. Showing kindness to somebody always gives us a third place in someone else’s heart, making us feeling way lighter.


9. Be artistic

It’s okay if you are not a pro painter, doesn’t make much of a difference. Dip your hands in paint and splatter around, make your own art. People paint out things, which come to their mind often letting go of the tension and stress.


10. Finally, Fall in love

Go ahead and find your company! If you already have one, then go for a short vacation and visit places you have never been before. When you are in love you tend to smile more and think silly!