10 ways to avoid kitchen burns


1. Use oven mitts: Many of us do not use oven mitts while holding   hot objects and instead use towels which can be dangerous, the towels might dangle down causing it to catch fire and dropping the hot object resulting in huge disaster. Oven mitts help you keep your hand safe and also protect the back of your hand unlike towels.


2. Use mesh pot lids for frying: Using mesh pot lids for frying fish etc will avoid burns caused on hands when oils platters.Mesh lids stop oil from splattering on stove and hands while cooking and make fish frying easier.


3.Never mix hot liquids in blender: Wait down for the liquid to cool down and then pour into blender. Blending of hot liquids may cause it to break and blast.


4. Never leave kitchen unattended while cooking: Leaving stove on and doing other activities can cause fire. Slight ignorance can do a lot of harm. You may even forget what was kept for cooking and only realize after the burning smell comes. Always be alert while cooking on burners.


5. Select proper aprons: Always make sure you select the right material aprons has the wrong ones can catch fire. Always instruct your children on safe cooking and methods to avoid such chaos.


6. Keep pan handle inwards: Always keep the pan or pot handles   inward as you may drop the pot while moving about in a hurry if kept at the edge and also children might run about suddenly and touching them or toddlers reaching for the handles.


7. Always keep an extinguisher in your kitchen: Make sure you have an extinguisher in the kitchen and always learn on how to use it wisely which many people do not think about until there’s a fire.


8. Keep toddlers away from kitchen: Never allow little children into  the kitchen while cooking it can be very dangerous for the adult and the child. Children can cause distraction and cause the adult burns due to lack of attention.


9. Always read directions to use of food packages: Make sure you read directions to use before cooking something new, it may contain do’s and don’ts to be checked before using.


10. Stop, drop and roll: Follow the basic steps if fire spreads. Do not run if your cloth catches fire instead drop onto the floor and roll till it extinguishes and take medical aid immediately.