5 Creative nail paint ideas


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  • Apply darkest color of coat on your nail and let it dry.
  • Dip a makeup sponge into a dark colored polish and apply the medium color to the tips of your nails, starting at the tip and moving down to create a fading effect.
  • Dab the lightest color onto your nails in the same fashion, starting from the tip and fading downward toward the base of your nails.
  • Apply a clear top coat while the polishes are still wet to more completely smear the colors together.
gradient nail art
gradient nail art

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  • Apply the white polish as the base coat.
  • Before the base coat dries, use a toothpick or other implement to place dots in another color or two on top of the base coat.
  • Dip a large brush in acetone and dab it onto the drops of polish. Use the acetone and the brush to thin and smear the dots over the white base coat.
  • When the watercolor design is dry, apply a clear top coat.
watercolor paint art
watercolor paint art

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  • Apply a dark coat of turquoise color and let it dry.
  • Take a crumpled plastic and dip it in golden nail color.
  • Dap the plastic on the nail giving it a stone look.
  • Apply clear coat on top to give shine and lasting
turquoise gold stone art
turquoise gold stone art

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  • Apply a coat of white and let to dry.
  • When dry, draw a small curve line from 3/4th the nail.
  • Apply back color to the marked area.
  • Later polish it off with clear coat.

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  • Apply a coat on top and let dry.
  • Take a straw dip on any color you wish to have a blow on to the nail.(if don’t want it splattering around your fingers stick a scotch tape to your fingers)
  • Take any other colour again and splatter once more, then mix them up with small brush.
  • Apply clear coat before drying to let in the colors mix well. Once done you will have mosaic masterpiece.
splatter art
splatter art

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