7 thoughts before using solar panels


1. Effects on environment: solar power is so far the most popular form of people’s substitute energy. It brings more to the eco friendly environmental living. Fossil fuels are the main reason carbon di oxide emissions in our environment. Solar power has zero emissions or emission free energy.


2. Climate change: a minimum of concentrated sunshine for 4 hours is a necessity. Be aware of the climate changes in your area and decide accordingly. Frequent shift in the climate might not give you the desired result.


3. Keep a check on the energy consumed: keep a track of energy consumed at home for a month, there are small devices available to measure it. Since growing family will have growing needs and saving energy might be at a low rate, using incandescent bulbs can lower the energy even further down.

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4. Direction of the roof: if the panels are to put on rooftops of your house, the direction of the panels matter. If you are in the US then your panels must face the south but if you are in India your panels must face north. For community panels there are even glide panels that move with concentration of sun.


5.When will you start saving: saving is guaranteed but it will only been seen in the long run, you cannot wait for immediate results. It takes time and will be profitable in the distant future.


6.Surrounding checks: you need inspect your area well, the trees direction of roof, height and size of the roof, temperature, latitude and orientation of the panels.


7. Analyse your electricity usage: if your are gadget freak then it might take long to time generate them. You need to be more eco friendly and use less of them and can see the energy consumption is less and power is saved.


Solar panels not only at home rooftops, many countries have been using the solar panels in wide acres of lands. The ‘saffron revolution’ as named by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the world’s largest solar power station in Madhya Pradesh. Together we can conserve power, make earth a better place to live in.