9 best Indian tea time snacks you must have


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One the most commonly made snacks in south Indian households. These lentil fritters can be eaten plain, with tomato sauce or mint chutney or if you are too busy to make them, dip it in tea. In case you have no idea how to make it”oru chai,rendu parippu vada”(one tea and two lentil fritters) is more than enough to get you these in a local chayakada(tea shop) in Kerala.


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Yumm! Samosas can be mouth watering, whichever place in India you go you find them! Samosas are best with mint chutneys which you make along with it. Nowadays even frozen samosas are available for those who don’t get time to make the whole dough at home. Local streets of Raipur have tasted the best samosas ever!


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Seen those small pot Puris where you fill it with vegetable filling and then dip it masala sauce and there it goes straight into your mouth.*crunch*. One go and you taste mixture of so many flavours. As many Pani Puris won’t do any harm, remember SRK in Rab ne bana Jodi?


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Typical vada that is given along with dosa and chutney in the south. Uzhunnu vada can be eaten along with basically anything! Chutney, tea, s ambar, masala or even plain. If you are planning to visit  Kerala you would surely find them for breakfast or tea time.


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Originated in India and commonly found in north India. These are some of the main snacks made during Ramadan in many households. Smell of frying pakoras reaches to every house in the locality making everyone crave for one!


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Why make chapatti every day? Kids need a change don’t they? As simple as to fry them instead and serve with bhaji or masala. Hot pooris made by amma cannot be anywhere close to the ones you get in restaurants!

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Many of you might not have heard about it. Something new huh? Food lovers, here is something for you from the god’s own country. Ada is basically a rice dough packed with sweet fillings and steamed in banana leaf. It is also called the ela Ada or leaf Ada, as they serve it you in the banana leaf.


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This is a new technique to do away with the left over Idilis in the house. Children would love it if you cut them out in various shapes and give them nice tomato sauce to dip! It’s easy, not at all time consuming and really fast for tea-time crunch.


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Now how we can we forget about our potato snacks. A lot of snacks can be made with just potatoes. Anybody wanting to surprise mommy and daddy with a dish, here’s your go. Simple potato wedges can be fried and mixed with your favorite chutney or sauce and served.