9 Reasons why relationships don’t sustain.

  1. Misunderstandings

There is only a minute difference between being understood and misunderstood, what you say may not necessarily convey the same meaning as you meant. Little misunderstanding finally leads to a lot chaos, and then explaining yourself can be very difficult.


  1. Lack of communication

Often people get busy these days and tend to forget things that certain people expect to be remembered from you. Being busy is not something you can run away from but keeping a track on things you should be doing to keep your relationships is a must.


  1. Ego

Ego can be a termed as the most poisonous element that can ruin any sort of relationships of people. Forgiving mistakes, apologizing are humanly acts and not bowing down self-respect, many do not take the chance to do it causing them to lose people in life.


  1. Differences

A relationship between two people is same as two individuals. They are two people and have two views on life. Each person’s views are different; no two human beings are the same. One should understand that life is all about perspectives, not right answers.


  1. Lack of affection

A lot of people do not know how to express what they feel. They tend to lack that emotion in them to show other what they actually feel about them. Until and unless you tell or express what your feelings are nobody is going to know about it. Nobody as in this century has mind reading techniques to understand what you feel.


  1. Expectations

The more you expect the more disappointed you will be. Less expectation is more happiness. Isn’t it way better when you get something unexpected than a gift you asked for? People may not know what the other person may like or want, simply expecting that the person would bring or do something like that is mere waste of life.


  1. Domination waves

Human nature tends  dominate on the younger one or the less dominating one. Nobody is absolutely perfect, nobody has godly natures but having controls on relationship may tend the other person to feel little and have low self-esteem as the relationship goes by.


  1. Anger bursts

Sudden bursts of anger can cause a lot of straining in relationships. You are not in pure state of mind when you are angry, you speak out things you shouldn’t say and might hurt the other person’s feelings. Frequent outbreaks can cause the relationship to fall apart and create distances.


  1. Influences

A third person can always influence the relationship of two other people. Either jealousy, ignorance or other negative energy can stimulate spaces between relationships. Always share limited amounts of relationship matter to an outsider.