9 Things that tell you are a strong woman


go to site 1. Strong women are always energetic, driven and determined. They know how to get things done and very sure what to expect in life. They aren’t stubborn but keep up their word when given one.


2. A Strong woman proves herself when she helps another woman prove herself. Helping women to come up in life and face their problems with courage and resolution.


source 3. Strong women are generally smart and to the point. She does not like beating around the bush or vague excuses. They are specially the ones who you cannot take granted for.

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4. They are not the jealous type and making them jealous by posting statuses or photos on social networking sites aren’t going to help in anyway. They like real men.


5. They are said to have huge understanding capacity. They think and know you to a different level and always act accordingly. They are people who respect your thoughts and opinions.


6. She knows what she wants from life and once she has it she keeps it for a lifetime. Strong women are always the best to trust and remain loyal in and out.


7. She always believes in herself. Much hatred isn’t going to change her attitude. She remains who she is to raise above all the resentments faced and walk away with a smile as if you were never a hurdle.

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8. Being strong doesn’t mean she doesn’t shed tears, but what it means is crying her heart out but none, knowing about it. She cries and then finds the courage to face her day.


9. Strong women are both beautiful in and out. They have one of the loving hearts in the world and would give you their fullest if you stay by them and remain the best however broken it may be.


Are you one of the strong woman out there?