Bajrangi bhaijaan another movie to your to-be-watched list!


The movie revolves around a little girl Munni (harshaali) from Pakistan and a soft hearted, honest man Pavan.  The story goes on as Pavan (salman) aka bajrangi a strong devotee of Hanuman ji. Now the question is can he complete his mission to return Munni to her family safely?

Bajrangi bhaijaan is a movie that came out with a bang with Salman khan’s innocent acting skills and not his usual flying-of-shirt or stunt maniac scenes. Kabir khan emotionally catches down people in place and brings about tears to those who can relate to the movie.

He (salman) faces a lot of obstacles in returning Munni too her family. This involves men beating him up and creating more hurdles on his way, but still stands firm on his mission.


With gentleness and no gimmicks, Salman puts on a polished, luminous performance – and is matched by little Harshaali, whose vulnerability and warmth are amazing.

Story feature gentle comedy and Nawazuddin shah’s entry creates a lively vibe on the go. The visual treat travels unremarkably from mohallas to mountain peaks, across priceless moments including Bajrangi’s panic-struck stammering to pretty fiancé Rasika (Kareena),

With all those havoc and chaos being created at the borders, this is the right time to show the people that there are always alternative ways for a problem.

Bajrangi bhaijaan would be giving everyone a wonderful Eid treat. Enjoy your time!!