Cure with flowers- Nature’s medicines

2232 go to site Sunflower enhanced web assign Sunflower has medicinal properties that were not known to many. The brew made from sunflowers ease pain during menstrual periods and also fights ulcers. It can be also used for gargling as a wash and it helps you clear throat easily.


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Rosy periwinkle’s use is been known since tradition for diabetes and high blood pressure. Making tea out it decreases in varying levels of both pressure and sugar. In the modern era periwinkle is set to be having properties to subside diseases like leukemia and cancer.



Everyone has seen ads where you bath in rose petals but that is not it, rose has many more beneficial effects. Paste of rose petals can be applied to face for better skin conditions. Rose petals can also be eaten raw to increase blood circulation.


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Passion flowers have properties to disorders like insomnia, anxiety, agitation and epilepsy. Passion flowers directly touches body nerves and decreases pain and brings a calm sensation into the body and mind.


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Both western and eastern culture is aware of the effects of lotus, but rarely used. Lotus gives relief to serious illness like bronchitis and cholera also. Syrup made from lotus also helps reduce bad cough.

lotus flower


Honeysuckle can been made into a paste form and used for skin rashes and other skin irritations. Honey suckle is also safe to eat raw, but not the berries they might give your stomach a whirl.



Chrysanthemum is yet another flower with which tea can be made. Tea made from chrysanthemum can be very effective for fever and cold. Compressed liquid form can also soothe tired eyes giving it a cool sensation.


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Jasmine is popular for its smell, but thats not the only property. Jasmine tea is also widely used in many places for treating ulcers. Having the brew of jasmine before going to bed may help people who have problems with sleep.


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Lilac can be can be made into paste form and applied on burned area and wounds. It is said to heal wounds faster and also reduce scars. It is also aid in internal parasite if made into tonic.


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Plum flowers have been used by the Chinese from the beginning. They protect body from parasites and have ability to boost digestive mechanisms in the body.