Getting rid of specs is not an easy task but certainly not impossible.

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7. Sprinkle water on your eyes atleast 4-5 times a day.

I will suggest you do pranayama and shuddhi kriya daily basis. But start these practice under a trained trainer.

These are

1. Neti- Jal Neti & Sutra Neti

2. Kapalbhati Kriya for 15 Min.

3. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama for 15 min.

4. Eye movement exercise for 5 min. – It is to move your eyes in all direction concentrating a thing one feet away from your eyes preferabaly your thumb.

5. Acupressure point for eye which is laid between your first and second finger.

6. Practice of Tratak (to see continusely at a candle or some other thing)

Advice :- Start all these thing under a trained yoga instructor

*Balanced diet which includes vegetable salad,green vegetables,wheat grass juice,leafy vegetables and fruits should be daily food. *no spicy foods,meat. drink enough water adn avoid drinking inbetween.

Yoga for eyes: Suryanamaskar Asana Trikonasana Shava asana Eye exercies Yoga mudra.These can be referred in the net or one can attend the class. Exercise, yoga & other methods described by others don’t help much in reducing spects power. Carrot juice & diet help in general improvement of eye health. In some cases spects power might have reduced or disappeared because it might be very less before starting such treatment. High minus or plus power spects can’t be removed with exercise or diet LASIK / Zyoptix surgery is the proven way to reduce or get rid of spects power.