Not graduated? Get your money back!!


click Imagine getting your money back if you fail to graduate. Its not a dream it’s a reality now! The University of the West of Scotland has offered students their money back if they fail to graduate.

enter No more worries to take risk. You do it your at success if you don’t your still not at loss, university of west of Scotland assures you that. This bold move can also be imitated with advantage in many different areas. Wouldn’t it be a consolation if you bought a book and halfway realized its not the book you want or you have already it. Shopping centers do offer exchange offers but not cash return. How many times have you felt that you are going back to auditorium after the interval only because you have paid quite a lot for a ticket.

How many more to catch up on this trend is still to be looked out for. But, this might turn out to be a loss at certain situations too.