Kaipuniyam-A Blessed Hand


Often you do not get the ‘Life’ in certain things you do. Have you wondered why? Everything clicks when there is ‘Life’ in anything you do and that is the attractive part about it. The ‘life’ can be given by only them who have those blessed hands and minds. A typical traditional Malayalam word ‘Kaipuniyam’ gives perfect answer to the question.

Kaipuniyam is an inborn talent that comes into you unknowingly and often people who have them don’t not realize their blessed with such a gift. Kaipuniyam is basically used in aspects related to cooking, but don’t other art forms require Kaipuniyam? Drawing eyes of a portrait requires Kaipuniyam otherwise there wouldn’t be life in those eyes. Designing requires Kaipuniyam otherwise with whatever efforts and beauty you do it, the recipient may not like it. A doctor needs Kaipuniyam or else how does he heal people soon? There has to be the so called ‘life’ in everything you do. Even if such gifts are blessed they can be inculcated into us to some level and for that the first thing to do is give away our arrogance and ego. Give away the feeling of “I’m doing everything”. Soon you will find things falling into place like you hoped for.


Kaipuniyam need not necessarily be used only in one’s life it can be shared and given to others to make life easier for them. You become great when you share what you have and benefit others. It brings in confidence to one and allows you to move ahead with an aura around you.

A person with a blessed hand and knows he or she is blessed is very humble, they tend to turn anything normal to extraordinary with one touch of their hands, no matter how much you try to pitch perfectly duplicate their measurements and approaches there would certainly be a great amount of difference in it.

There was a competition held to where 5 mothers were given the same amount milk, sugar and coffee powder. But the result was that all the five coffees tasted different. Why? Because each person has a different level of Kaipuniyam no matter what the measurements are.

At the end of day it is not how much you have gained but how much you have given. It is not how long you lived but how and for whom you lived.