LED light for 40 years by Jake Dyson


The worlds filling up with engineers. How many of them could bring out a new kind of light? Just one, son of sir james,Jake dyson. He designed a light that lasts a lifetime. Dyson and his company Jake Dyson Products have made Ariel, a sleek, suspended light which lasts 40 years before anything – even the bulb – needs replacing. Dyson had started designing light from past 8 years, he got frustrated with the stagnancy where beautiful lamps are sold for a high price yet designed with little attention to the function.


“LEDs have the ability to last for life – that’s why they were invented in the first place,” he says. “But companies sell LED lights that only last seven years so they can sell more in seven years’ time. I want my product to go into spaces where the interior doesn’t want to be changed for at least 25 years: airports or high-profile buildings, for example. What airport would want a light that only lasts seven years? Is there a light out there that answers their needs? Probably not.”.

In the basement of their central London offices, Dyson and his team have tested lights on the market to see if they live up to their claims of long-lasting brightness and effectiveness. And – spoiler alert – they don’t.In comparison, the Ariel will maintain its brightness for 180,000 hours, which if the light was on 12 hours a day, every day, at full brightness, is around 40 years.

The light also has a unique lens to give greater illumination The Ariel is also enabled, so can be controlled via an app, allowing users to set timers, or to link up their Ariel(s) to external light sensors so the light is dimmer on a sunny day, and brighter when it gets darker.

“Companies out there wouldn’t have touched a company [like mine], but because of the power of the Dyson name they bent over backwards to help me.” Ultimately he believes the quality of the product will speak for itself.”