Magic of Music


Aren’t majority of the people are music lovers? I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t listen to music. But have you ever thought of what effect it can have on you? Well let’s take a tour on what happens when you listen to music.

go here Creativity

Something new isn’t it? Yes ambient music is proved to increase creativity. The ambient music helps mind to expand its thinking and imaginative skills which helps to think far more creatively than before. Loud noise or music does not improve such skills as the brain functions far too fast to process, giving it no space to expand its thinking.


go to link Defines personality

Survey reports says that a person’s personality can be defined by the kind of music he listens to. That doesn’t mean people who listen to rock or rap have bad personality or classical music lovers are good. Certain characteristics can be found out like people listening to soft music have greater thinking and reasoning abilities, while those preferring rap or loud music are generally not that outgoing or creative but gentle and subtle.


Brain coordination

School records prove  students who learn musical instruments tend to perform better than students who do not take part in those extracurricular activities. Learning instruments help improve brain coordination with other body parts and improves thinking skills.

Kids playing on musical instruments

Music heals

Music seems to be a free medicine to any emotional pain gone through. Either you cry out or explode with happiness with the music, or sometimes it just helps concentrate better. Hospitals have shown to have lot of people recover through music therapies.  Music helps with stress and anxiety also.


Good for the heart

Music has proven to be good for heart patients and helps people with coronary heart disease. The tempo of the music or rather the beats has big effect on the heart. An analysis showed that listening to high beats increases blood pressure or heartbeat whereas soft music tends to lower the heart rate and give a relaxing feel.



Having troubles with sleep? Not on a proper sleep schedule? Try listening to some ambient or music of your choice before going to bed and it will help you relax and drift you into your sleep peacefully. Music relaxes both body and mind and relives you off tension which will help you sleep well and wake up fresh!

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Different music genre help motivate you to do a lot of things. Feeling low or lazy, put on some bollywood masala songs move with the beats and you will be more energetic than you were!


go site Lively feeling

Having soft background music in the house, gives the atmosphere a relaxed and livelier feel. People tend to be more happy and joyful with music around them.