Nine days of Navarathri in Nine states in Nine ways


India is a diverse country and we know it, but does everyone know about the diversity?  Different people at different places celebrate every festival in different ways. This one is throwing light on the festival of navarathri in different parts of India.

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Batukamma Panduga is celebrated mainly in the Telangana regions meaning ‘come alive mother goddess’. ‘Batukammas’ are the highlights of the people in Andhra Pradesh. They make Batukammas that is basically a flower stack of seven layers and made to look like a flower pot. Women are found wearing silk saris and dancing to folk songs in large groups. Later the Batukamma is floated off in the lake or sea.


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A clay pot symbolising the Garbha or womb that is the source of life on earth is made. The pot holds water, a betel nut and a silver coin over which a coconut is placed. The pot is kept in the centre and the women dressed in cholis do the Garbha dance, which is mostly swirling and whirling symbolising the pot. Men also join the dance along with women.


West Bengal

People in west Bengal celebrate it as Durga pooja. The victory of goddess Durga over demon mahishasuran is celebrated. Grand pandals are made for the goddess Durga and the sons Karthikeyen and Ganesha. Same pandals are also made for goddesss Lakshmi and goddess Saraswathi. Women are found wearing the red and white sari in the Bengali way. The sight at the capital city is a must see on a Navarathri night.


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In Kerala the celebration is for the last three days, Ashtami, Navami and Vijaya Dashami.  The eighth day that is on Ashtami the books and other instruments are kept for pooja “Pujaveppu” as they call it. On Maha Navami it is called “Adachu pooja” where you do not touch the books or instruments kept for pooja and later on the tenth day it is taken and read.


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Punjab has a unique way of celebrated Navarathri. They go on to fast for seven days and on the eighth day the fast is broken, they also have whole night Bhajans on the eighth day. Later “bandaras” is done that is 9 young girls are chosen and given a feast which includes puri and halwa channa, they are also gifted with a red chunnari(shawl).


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Navarathri is celebrated with the most devotion in Himachal. People meet up collectively and pay respects to the Almighty together. The festival is celebrated the Kullu Dusshera rejoicing the return of Rama to Ayodhya. Later the deities of temples are taken out for procession.



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In Maharashtra it is a very auspicious time for the beginning of new things, like buying a home or car. They also follow a ritual where Haldi and Kumkum are put on the forehead of married women symbolising they live with husbands long. Dandiya is played in small groups around the town with music and glittering costumes.

dandia raas gujarat 2

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Celebration in karanataka dates back to the times of Raja Wodeyar in 1610 and the same form of celebration is formed. “Naada Habba” as it is called in the state. The celebration is the victory over Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura, who was said to be residing in Mysore. Processions of elephants, fairs and exhibitions of handicrafts are also held.



Tamil Nadu

The Brahmin communities invite married women to their house and gift them with bangles and other accessories. A special recipe called “sundal” is made using lentil seed and pulses. They make a makeshift of nine stair like stage in the house called “Golu” which is decorated with idols of various goddesses. These idols are generally passes on from generation to generation.