enter Robots only for medicinal activities, or clumsy heavy machines handled by humans? Not anymore! Harvard scientist brings out an amazing set of thousand tiny robots that isn’t bigger than a penny to perform a flash mob. These robots are called kilobits and work together without any form of central intelligence. The scientists have also released a video showing these kilobots performing mechanical flash mobs and forming various shapes.

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These tiny robots have been programmed to perform using a very simple form of algorithm and so, when they work together new possibilities emerge. The kilobot act on the command given through infrared light and they fall into action. They are able to form two-dimensional shapes without any human intervention.

The brain behind this masterpiece is Radhika nagpal, Fred kavli professor of computer science at the Harvard University of engineering and applied sciences. She says “Increasingly, we’re going to see large numbers of robots working together, whether its hundreds of robots cooperating to achieve environmental cleanup or a quick disaster response, or millions of self-driving cars on our highways, Understanding how to design ‘good’ systems at that scale will be critical.”