RAY to give you a James Bond feel


why are you in college essay Robot parking your car? Believable! It just happened at the Germany’s Dusseldorf airport. You give away your keys and the robot does it for you. Nicknamed RAY by its creators, the automated forklift truck is the hobbyhorse of Germany’s Serva Transport. Rather than getting behind the wheel, nevertheless, this robotic valet physically lifts your three tons of road machinery and slots it into pre-designated robot parking bays. This process was aimed at those busy business travelers who travel often and do not find time to park cars, this could also be regulated through a mobile app.

All travelers have to do is drop the car off in a designated area, go to a nearby touch screen to confirm the car is empty, and RAY does the rest. RAY uses sensors to measure and photograph the car, it then gently lifts it and takes it to one of 249 parking spots reserved for the robot forklifts. The system is also connected to the airport’s flight data system: RAY will retrieve the car based on flight itineraries. The app also lets car owners correspond with RAY if there are any flight delays. “Our product is especially appealing to business travelers, who arrive at the airport shortly before the flight, seek efficient parking, and return within a few days,” Thomas Schnalke, the airport’s managing director, said in a statement. But RAY is not the only robot valet on the hit.

go site A New Jersey startup called Boomerang also aims to take parking to the next level by using an automated parking system that can park hundreds of cars without human involvement. According to Boomerang CEO Mark Patterson the benefit of his system is that it is designed with multiple entry bays, multiple robots and multiple lifts so there is no single point of malfunction.

follow “If any one thing goes down, we can still operate the system,” he told the media.

http://uccwa.us/custon-writing-services/ These robots can also mange if it is dark. World of technology is expanding at a vast rate.