How to remove specks from your eyes with in 28 days


1. Take bucket full water dip you face in it and slowly open your eyes inside the water and roll eyes. it not cleanses your eyes but also enhances your vision. do it for atleast 5 minutes everyday.

2. Eat carrots and all the vegetables with vitamin A.

3. Take a pencil and hold it ten centimeters away between your both the eyes and try to concentrate on it with both the eyes. its bit tiring but has good results.

4. Watch television from a distance of atleast 15ft.

5. Yoga is also very helpful in improving vision.

6. Meditation is good. its basically done closing your eyes and concentration and become thoughtless, it stores the positive energy in oneself and closed eyes during meditation dosent let out the energy and helps in enhancing the vision.

7. On computers work in breaks and keep splashing water on eyes if you feel that eyes are tired.

8. Using surma at bed time might be effective in controlling vision.

9. Do some eye exercises, like moving the eyeballs both the sides and up and down and move round and round as well.

10. Have half of onion daily at your dinner time.

11. Have carrot juices.

12. Have food packed with vitamin A.

13. You can also try vitamin A supplements.

14. Try to rotate your eyeballs once you are at sitting position and after that sprinkle some water on your eyes; it will help to increase power of your eyes.

Try this treatment daily.Definetly you will get result.