See what your favourite color says about your personality


source link Red

Quiet a many of you love the color red don’t you? Red says you are a person with more action than words with confidence, courage and ambitious. You like to experience the world with all your five senses and want to experience physically fulfillment.

9a35c7f953a2245719ad0fd925641517 get paid to do homework Orange

Orange lovers are more socializing people. They like to be wanted and accepted by groups. They also like to accept challenges in life be respected as an individual.



People who have the favorite color as yellow are more practical and logical in life. They like to be unique and like to express their individuality well. Yellow lovers are also more creative people and like to have new ideas expressed. They are also perfectionists and dreamers.



They are people who like to love and be loved. They feel the need to belonging somewhere and feel accepted. They strive for safety, security and acknowledgment.



People who fall into this category enjoy tranquility and peace. They seek for the inner peace and truth. They are trustworthy and reliable people. These people might also be conservative on certain issues.


Purple or violet

People who love this color prefer a lot of emotional security. They like to create order and perfection in duties. These are peace lovers and engage themselves in humanitarian activities.



As always tagged as the girly color, it is no more called so. People who love this color expect real and unconditional love. They know how to enjoy the real beauty in things be it human animals anything.

bfa2e85e4c95fa6ac64896806af61c18 Turquoise

Couple of unique people have their favorite color has this one. They strive for creating an emotional balance in their life. Turquoise lovers express hopes and dreams no matter how unrealistic they are and strive to achieve them at any cost.


source Brown

Now this is a very rare color for anybody to have as favorite color but trust me there are people out there who loves brown too. Those people have a deep need for safe and secure relationships for existence and a great family person.



They are people who like to stay in power and control to project them. They are also strong willed and sometimes stubborn. They also have different points of view in creative occasions. They also have a daring personality.



People who fall here are simple and self reliant people. They enjoy the simplicity in life and enjoy natural beauty. They like to independent and open minded in life.