Well dressed or not??


The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say. It will subconsciously tell them if you’re like them or if you’re different.

Dirty shoes can make even the finest suit look, ugly. Plain and simple, a freshly shined pair can give you an elegant look. Polish shoes in regular rotation about once a week, because they’re quite literally show what you are.

Whatever message you’re trying to send to the world, never forget the clothes you put that message in will determine the way it’s received.

Remember that colours should complement but never be matchy-matchy. In fact, feel free to experiment by contrasting colours in the most unexpected places

Men need, at most, just two fragrances. One should be lighter for daytime and warmer weather; the other more robust for nights and scent-crushing colder temps. Women need aromas that can carry her with confidence.

You know are well dressed when:

– Your family and friends ask you to take them shopping or style them for major events.

– You’re often stopped on the street by women asking where to get an item you’re wearing

Confidence — one word says it all. Without a little swagger in your step, nothing else matters.