Why should we go to temples?


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Welcome to here Bureau for custom academic writing services by an experienced and motivated team. We have experience of more than six years in One thing you experience inside a temple atmosphere is positivity. Temple is normally built in a highly positive centre. The idol or ‘vigraha’ is kept at the moolasthnam or central space where the magnetic energy is very high. This positive energy is said to be passed into us while inside the temple.

Removing of the shirt for men is compulsory in Kerala a temple, which is because maximum energy can be passed on to the body while inside the kovil (central portion) where the temples hold maximum of positive energy. Women wear ornaments on their neck as metals attract vibes and vibrations.

Removing of slippers before entering the temple also follows the same meaning. In olden times the temples were built in such way that the positive vibrations are also felt on the floor and hence walking barefoot would pull in the vibrations into our body through our feet.


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Temples in south India especially Kerala follow a system of tantric media. Temple is believed to be a place where you have conversations with god. Years ago talking to somebody abroad seemed impossible, but now everybody is connected with each other .Same way temple is basically a wireless communication with lord that was made years ago. You need not complain there no one to listen to you, temples do help you and he is always there to listen to you. We seldom check if our communication with the Lord is replied back, this involves looking for answers to your questions, which could be a passing talk you hear from somebody, an unknown person guides you, your neighbour while you are travelling in the bus, an auto driver, etc. One more point we need to observe is do we carry any gift for the Lord when we visit the temple, do we spend time selecting the correct gift, our preparation before we embark on the trip to meet the Lord. Simple example is the austerities attached when we go on pilgrimage to Sabarimala or even Hajj and people going to Valankani Church.  Even if we happen to go to a nearby temple, we must follow some austerities and start to communicate with the Lord even before we are at the temple. Simple steps make great difference.

Many people have false understanding that Hindus are idol worshippers. It is not the idol we worship but the ‘Chaitanyam’ in the idol which is created by tantric mantras which only the Tantri of the temple know. ‘Chaitanyam’ does not have an equivalent English meaning but the closest comes to divinity. To know more about this in detail you can refer to the book ‘Heaven on Earth – The Universe of Kerala’s Guruvayur Temple, by Ms. Pepita Seth.


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Our sense organs are activated by going to the temple in many ways like ;

  • Our sense of seeing is activated when the camphor is lighting and pooja is done for the idol. The beautifully decorated image of the Lord/Goddess.


  • Our sense of hearing is activated when we ring the bell inside temples and also ringing bells during arati. Vocal bhajan and other musical instruments played inside the temple.


  • Our sense of smell is activated with the smell of flowers offered to the Lord and the burning of incense inside the temple.


  • Our sense of touch is activated when we hover our hands above the fire used during pooja which is generally given to people after arati.


  • Our sense of taste is activated by the theertham received from the priest, which is generally given in the right hand. In some temple they offer food/ eatables as Prasad.



You will notice that all our 5 main sense organs are covered in our visit to the temple.


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Putting the Thilak or Chandanam on the forehead between the eyebrows is done so that the energy received from the temple is not lost. The space between the eyebrows has the most important energy point of the nervous system.


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Food is a very important fact in life. Prasad is food offered to god, this food is said to bestow purity and positivity. Prasad is sacred food. These Prasad are cooked with utmost cleanliness and sincerity. Prasad can be simple as a handful of sweet or can be full lunch or dinner provided at various temples.  It is said that when you leave the temple you should carry something and that is given to you through Prasad to be given to your relatives and friends at home who could not come along with you to the temple, this way you are sharing your fortune with them and allow them to feel happy.