Why women wear Sindoor?


Sindoor – dark red vermilion marked on the hair partition, merely symbolizes she is a married women. Is that all that means? That she is married? Everything told to us as customs and traditions have a particular reason behind them, but many a times only the customs are passed on and the reasons are kept as secrets. Customs and traditions have reasons to why they are made ages ago, they are never for the bad, no matter what. In today’s generation youngsters are not ready to follow them unless they know why they are doing it. Fair enough to ask. That is when we ourselves think about why we have been doing it and by not telling them the reason behind, the worst part is that they tend to come up with wrong conclusions that end up in saying customs and traditions are simply made up factors.


Elders in the families have the responsibility to make their younger ones understand why they do certain things in certain ways. Wearing Sindoor has a very simple scientific reason that is the place where we apply Sindoor, starting of the hair partition is the most important spot in the body, a gateway to the premium of the body, the crown. That is where the Ajna chakra is situated. Traditional Sindoor contains Mercury the only metal found in liquid form and also lime and turmeric. These elements tend to cool down the body and mind and function without much pressure.


Coming into a new family, new house, new relatives, and new responsibilities is a big pressure that cannot be handled with ease, hence this technique to balance body and mind was brought out 5000 years ago. Even in the Purana’s, Sita (consort of Ram), Parvati (consort of Shiva), Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) are all said to have worn Sindoor on their forehead.


Wearing Sindoor also gives women dignity and self respect. Men outside the family also get the message that she is another man’s wife and must be respected. Women who do not wear Sindoor in the new generation is a mere act of arrogance, and questioning customs an excuse. Once you feel your world is your family and your husband, you will wear it to mark the importance of him in your life and for a lasting marriage.