Wonders reading can do


How many of you actually read? Very few of us, right? Be it a magazine, newspaper or a book reading habits have come down. Reading stuff on net isn’t what we are talking about. Reading has to be sitting down somewhere with a book in your hand.” We have no time” is the excuse everyone would give. But is that really the reason? Don’t you have 10 minutes before sleeping to read? 10 minutes between commuting from work and home? A few pages of reading can actually do wonders that you don’t know about.

Mental workout

Physically working out is popular; everyone wants to be in shape. Doesn’t that apply for your mind? Your mind has to functions continuously for that it has to have working things out inside. Reading helps you give your mind a short workout which helps in functioning of the mind in smarter ways.


Negative thoughts and worries could be zeroed

Reading a few pages in the night helps you sleep better and go to bed with good thoughts. Reading books that give a positive meaning to your life always helps divert negative thoughts and generate better thoughts. Worries can be replaced with peace.


Gateway to new ways of thinking and perspective

Reading a lot can help you change the way you perceive things. You tend to see different angles of a particular problem and understand them better. You find new ways to patch up relationships or broken issues in your mind. Ability to think from another person’s point of view can be very helpful in creative fields.


Creative thinkers

Creative thinkers are people who read more; they fill in their brains with more and more information that stimulates their creativity. Imagination is only possible if your mind has room for creativity. Reading helps explore and conceive your thoughts forming new dimensions which can never be got through visual intakes.


Quality conversations

Unfortunately, today’s conversations are merely on gossips, negative news and others. Nobody really falls into any quality conversations or discuss ideas. Every new idea formed into a huge invention is from a small thought and such thoughts can only come from highly stimulated quality minds.



Knowledge is strength

Knowledge is something that will never leave you, one of the possessions you take to your grave. Pouring in information will increase your ability to think straight and act accordingly. Everything except knowledge can be taken from you. Reading can help you enhance your knowledge, open your mind to various information and techniques.